MetroPCS and Samsung are working together to deploy the LTE network across the US metropolitan areas, with the first device taking advantage of the service being SCH-r900. This 4G handset will arrive in the second half of 2010 and it specs are not known yet. The device below is a CTIA 2009 handset, supposed to support LTE and looking like a modified Omnia i900.

All we know about Samsung SCH-r900 right now is the fact that it supports CDMA and it packs a 3 megapixel camera, plus Bluetooth. It’s interesting to see companies competing to get the first announcement out: barely a day after HTC announced the EVO 4G WiMAX phone, Samsung goes out and announces this LTE device.

However, Samsung have the advantage, with the DivX HD handsets packing Super AMOLED touchcscreens. Let’s see HTC adopting the same technologies now…

[via samsunghub]