Samsung isn’t like Apple or Microsoft, the kind of companies that buy other smaller companies each week… They keep a low profile and every once in a while come out with an acquisition, like today’s announcement of the Nanoradio purchase. This is a chipset manufacturer, that may spawn low power Wifi chips in the future Samsung phones.


The terms of the transaction remain a mystery for now and in case you’re wondering what’s special about Nanoradio, they specialize in making ultra low power WiFi chips used on phones and other mobile devices. For example, their website shows the picture of two people playing with PlayStation 3 controllers, so they deal with wireless gadgets of all sorts. Nanoradio designs semiconductors with wireless capability, or at least that’s how they like to describe themselves.

Sammy seems to be searching for ways to reduce power consumption, something that Apple is also supposedly working on, since they’ll be required to give its new iPhone more power to fuel that supposedly bigger display and LTE chipset. Anyway, Asian companies are always ahead when it comes to power/fuel/power management technologies and some of them even rely on solar energy already. What will the future look like, considering this rush for low power solutions?

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