As the biggest achievement right now is using 16 nm or 14 nm chipsets on upcoming smartphones, Samsung pushes forward the innovation. Qualcomm still relies on 20 nm technology and Samsung is working with 14 nm FinFET chips, said to debut on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Meanwhile 10 nm chips are also in the works…


The 14 nm process is still in its early phase and it’s not very wide spread and yet Samsung has unveiled the world’s first FinFET semiconductor technology based on 10 nm process. The international Solid State Circuits Conference takes place between 22 and the 26th of February in San Francisco and Samsung is attending the event, while showcasing the chip we just mentioned.

This is supposed to be a big step in the evolution of the “Internet of Things”, since the 10 nm FinFET manufacturing process will increase power efficiency and diminish sizes. The Samsung officials also discussed 10 nm DRAM and 3D V-NAND technology. Don’t be too happy about this innovation, since realistically speaking, it will reach the masses in 2017, or 2016 at best.

I’m guessing Apple would like to sample this tech obviously.

via gforgames

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