There goes Samsung Denmark and turns upside down every speculation and hope for May 3rd and the launch of the Galaxy S III. Why do I say that? Because of that tiny plus symbol on their teaser posted on the Samsung Denmark page. Many people have been speculating that we’ll see a Galaxy S II Plus and now the Galaxy S III next month.


Also, seeing that recent leaks showed us underwhelming specs and design, I tend to believe that’s the case. It would fit perfectly with the fact that the mystery new Samsung device is codenamed I9300 and has a Mali 400 GPU plus 8MP camera. Those would make fine attributes of the Galaxy S II Plus, not the Galaxy S III, that’s expected to bring much more extra. Of course, there’s always the option of seeing not one, but two new phones, although they could cannibalize each other’s sales.

I’ve also heard rumors about a potential tablet unveiling during the London event in May, so it may be an all out offensive from the South Korean company. The biggest question marks here lie around the megapixels of the camera, the storage, CPU and display. While the Galaxy S III is expected to have a 4.8 inch 1080p screen, quad core CPU and 12MP, the Galaxy S II Plus is more about the 720p 4.6 inch display, 8MP camera and dual core CPU, maybe with a slight upgrade in frequency.

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