Amazon’s German website has just started taking preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S III, although the phone hasn’t even been announced yet. The device is priced at 599 euros, which equals $793, including VAT and of course the site mentions that the product is not available just yet.


No pics were included here and luckily we have some specs to take a gander at: 4.7 inch Super AMOLED display, 12MP camera with LED flash and Android 4.0. 16GB of storage plus microSD card slot complete the list and this not unheard of, I’ll give you that much. It all sounds like a nifty rival to the HTC One X, maybe one with a quad core Exynos CPU and a better camera, if possible. May 3rd is when the phone will be unveiled, but Amazon usually rushes to list products, including music albums with track previews months before the release and DVD versions of movies that are not even in cinemas yet.

This offer of preorder is more of a placeholder for when the real thing arrives in stores. What do you think of the price? I can say it’s a pretty accurate prediction of what the smartphone will cost once it becomes available, but are you ready to spend around $800 on a phone?!

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