The South Korean media got hold of some reports from Samsung employees, detailing the features of the Galaxy S7 flagship. Of course we take the info with a grain of salt, particularly since it’s rich in novelty.



The first thing we learn is that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to feature a black rear casing, that will enhance its elegant looks. Its casing stays black, not matter the colors of the front panel and those will be black, silver, white and gold. The main camera is confirmed to be a 12 megapixel unit, with F/1.7 aperture and a large sensor, plus the promise of excellent low light capture.

Sources also say that the main camera won’t protrude and they claim that the device will both waterproof and dust proof. We’ll also witness the return of the microSD card slot on this model and we’re supposed to expect an early March release. I’m not very sure that a black back and a white front will look good on this smartphone.


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