We already know the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, that our sister site reviewed in a huge one hour review, but do we actually know every little bit of it? Hungarian site Napidroid has put the handset under the microscope, so we can analyze its finer aspects.



I have to say the back camera and flash look pretty impressive and heart rate sensor is very, very complex. The rear speakers seem to get greasy easily and their detail finishing feels rough. The power button on the side is more pulled out than expected, while the microUSB port also feels a bit roughly finished as well. The display looks crisp and the pixels are impressive, when shown at this level.


Front speakers actually have bigger holes than expected and the Samsung logos are probably the best finished part of the entire phone. I would like to see more phones put under the microscope, particularly ones that have structural problems, either real or presumed ones.

via napidroid.hu

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