Samsung Galaxy S has just received that rumored Value Pack software in Korea, as a consolation prize for not getting Android 4.0 officially. However, there’s still the unofficial route, via CyanogenMod 9, if you want Android 4.0 ICS on your Galaxy S unit.

And I would really trust the CyanogenMod release in the case of the Galaxy S, since it’s made by Cyanogen and his team. As you know, Cyanogen aka Steve Kondik was hired by Samsung, so he must have some perks there and access to their latest codes and Android 4.0 development. Back to the release, we now have the alpha version of the CyanogenMod 9 software, that includes Android 4.0 and brings it to the 2010 Galaxy S. There’s still the usual bugs to fix and problems, but rest assured that the final version with everything fixed will come soon. Usually when bugs are present they involve connectivity and camera, but I can’t really tell in this case.

You can download the software from here if you feel brave and this is the CyanogenMod 9 alpha build for the international Galaxy S i9000, in case you’re wondering. Carrier specific ROMs will also be arriving soon. If any of you installed the newest Cyanogen, feel free to offer feedback below in the comments.

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