Samsung Galaxy S III may be a great device, but when you truly get to know it, it seems even better. We’re testing it right now and even we were surprised to see how many accessories and gizmos you can connect to the high end smartphone. Below you have about 30 minutes of gadget fun, including an Xbox controller connected to the Galaxy S III.


Pen drives, a portable hard drive, an USB hub with keyboard and mouse, a PlayStation 3 controller, Xbox 360 joystick, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, MHL adaptor and Wiimote are all available for connection with the handset. Thanks to that special MHL adaptor you’ll connect your Galaxy S III to a HDTV via wired connection. Sadly, from what I’ve seen only Samsung makes those compatible with this phone and if you want all the accessories, you’ll have to pay a bundle.

I never thought I’d see a normal QWERTY keyboard working so good with a smartphone like this, but here it is in the video below and it’s working great! The only problem with these contraptions is that lots of wires are required and we’re in 2012, where wires are obsolete…

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