Most of the famous rumors concerning new phones and tablets seem to come from the same well informed man, Eldar Murtazin. He’s a Russian blogger that somehow manages to leak info all the time, but he was also wrong quite a bunch of times. Now he has intel on the Samsung Galaxy S III and he says that this handset has already entered production.


Murtazin previously said that the phone would be released in April, although that doesn’t seem realistic now. There’s no real announcement date for the Galaxy S III, that hasn’t even been confirmed by Samsung. Last I heard, this model was supposed to come with an Exynos quad core CPU, a 4.8 inch Super AMOLED 720p screen, Android 4.0 and a ceramic case. LTE should also be on board and rumors say that Samsung didn’t launch this flagship model at MWC because it wanted to unveil it closer to the debut time of the iPhone 5.

With all those benchmarks and tests of the new Samsung Exynos processors, the Galaxy S III is starting to look like a powerhouse and the only surprise we could here would be a 12 megapixel camera or 1080p display, other than that the rumors figured out pretty much all of the realistic specs.

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