We’ve seen quite a bunch of leaks related to the Galaxy S IV so far, with specs and benchmarks included, even some renders. This time we get a more official-looking leak, one that mentions the specs of the device in a table next to other Samsung gear. The leak comes from South Korean financial services company Mirae Asset Group, that let a PDF loose on the web.


The PDF shows us a Galaxy S4 without a picture attached, but there’s a mention of an Exynos 5440 CPU, Android 4.2 as the OS and a 5 inch 1920 x 1080 pixel display. There’s also 2 GB of RAM and the launch date is listed as March 2013, lining up with what we’ve heard about a March 15th debut. It’s important to mention that this is not the 8 core super charged Exynos 5410 processor we spotted at CES, but an Exynos 5440 quad core Cortex A15 ticker.

The jump from Cortex A9 to Cortex A15 is still a major one and while it may not be a double core count, it’s still a big jump. Of course, you should take this info with a grain of salt, since it could have been altered or tweaked. Expect more leaks to come in the following days.

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