Samsung is the universal company, when it comes to handset models. They’ve got cameraphones, rugged phones, midrange phones and high end units, phablets and low end units out there. Now they get a luxury handset, through a customized version of the Galaxy S4, covered in gold.



The handset should be priced at about 2000 euros and this is a device with a hand crafted chassis, that may have a layer of gold, rose gold or platinum applied to it, as the customer desires. The device is also studded with 364 diamonds, one for all days of the year minus one. The jewelry applied to this unit takes it up to 5.5 carats and I have to say that the price is not actually that steep, considering what you’re getting.

We’re living in a world where Beckham has a watch of a few hundred thousand dollars, so nothing is too much. The device’s packaging box is also elegant and seems made of wood and shaped like a bunch of shelves or night stand of sorts. Fancy this model?

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