Nokia EOS has leaked a bunch of times so far, first with a polycarbonate case and now with a metallic chassis. Initially, this model seemed to be a wide handset with a huge thickness and the usual design. Now it seems a bit thinner and more elegant thanks to the metallic chassis.


The images appeared on Sina Weibo, a famous social networking service in China. Seeing how we’ve got about a dozen of shots published on that service, it would be safe to say that the device has reached production phase and we may get to see a debut right after the Nokia July 11th event. The same button arrangement from current Lumias is present here, with the same volume, power and camera buttons kept.

The camera hole at the back is still there, but it seems a tad smaller than the initial leaks. We wonder if the rumored Pelican Imaging 16 lens setup will fit in there. Stephen Elop will be present at the Nokia event on July 11th and we’re pretty sure he’ll be holding a Nokia EOS in his hands.