The avalanche of Samsung Galaxy S6 leaks continues, today with two design sketches, that reveal what are said to be the device’s real dimensions. I’ll remind you this handset is coming on March 1st, during a special MWC 2015 event.



So, a quick recap of what we learned this week: The product measures 6.91 mm in thickness, thinner than the previous 7+ mm leaks. It will also sport a 143.30 mm long body and a width of 70.81 will be offered here. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S5 was 1 mm shorter and 2 mm wider than the new model, so that’s interesting. It was also thicker, at 8.1 mm. Then there’s the metal frame thing going on, with its rounded corners and flat edges, a combo of iPhone 6 and Xperia X2 designs.

The sketches shown here have quite a few traits in common with the renders coming from case makers around the world, so they’re pretty reliable in my book. We take the pictures with a grain of salt, but we can’t help but feel there’s a bit of truth to them. If you take a quick glance at picture number 2, the left side sketch, the Galaxy S6 quickly becomes similar to the iPhone 6, so expect a lot of fanboys crying over that matter.

Dimensions-of-the-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-allegedly-are-leaked (1)

via Phone Arena

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