As usual, with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge launched, it’s time to start thinking of their derived versions. Those should include an Active version, to follow up on last year’s Galaxy S6 Active and Evan Blass has some intel on that model.


samsung poseidon

It would appear that a certain SM-G891A is headed to AT&T and this codename places it right after the SM-G890A, which was the S6 Active. Evan also found out that the device is codenamed Poseidon, a clear hint that it should play well with water, even salt water maybe. It’s not very clear what features and specs we’ll be getting, but my money is on a microSD card slot and dust and water resilience, for sure.

The handset may also come with a bigger battery, salt water resilience, bigger depth of sinking and perhaps some shock proofing. It’s very likely that this will be a launch limited to some regions of the world, with AT&T in pole position to get the Galaxy S7 Active.

via GSMArena

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