Experts from Goldman Sachs have some very interesting predictions about the Samsung Galaxy S8, saying that its bill of materials will surpass the one of the Galaxy S7 by 15, to 20%. They’re also keen to mention that the new flagship will bring a virtual AI assistant on the device.


Still, the core piece of news is that the future flagship will have a raw material price higher by 15 to 20% compared to the predecessor. This may influence the price of the device, that could be higher than the one of this year’s flagship. 2017 will bring us a DRAM and NAND supply growth slow down, while the LCD cycle will also end early, on account of low demand.

Samsung will have serious pressure on the AMOLED production area, since Apple will want to get in the OLED game and require assistance. A few weeks ago, rumors said that although the Galaxy S8 would cost more to make, Samsung was going to sell it for a price similar to the one of the S7. Now things aren’t as sure anymore…

There are more factors to take into account, like the explosive growth of the dollar, the political crysis in South Korea and Samsung’s bad 2016, with the Note 7 pulled off the market. We’ll have our answers in two months, but I’m pretty sure people won’t be happy with a price growth.