Samsung Electronics has decided to delay its second phase investment into a new semiconductor plant in Xi’an, China. They’re concerned about a sharp rise in supply because of the expansion of the NAND flash plants made by the likes of Intel, Toshiba and SanDisk.


Also, experts are claiming that the memory semiconductor market is going to have the worst market status in 7 years in 2016. Samsung Electronics uses a fifth of the whole Xi’an plant area, which already reached its top production capacity with the current equipment. The factory entered operation in 2014 and it’s the key for making “V NAND”, the 3D NAND flash of Samsung Electronics.

Industrial sources are claiming that the plant is processing up to 100,000 wafers a month, which is certainly impressive and beats the original expectations of 60k or 70k. Toshiba and SanDisk’s massive expansion of NAND flash production are putting some stress on Samsung, though. Intel and Micron are also expected to mass produce 3D NAND flash.

via Business Korea