The image included in this article supposedly pictures a Samsung prototype phone that’s being tested right now and comes with a crazy amount of RAM: 3 GB. The inside source that leaked the picture confirmed to SamMobile that we are dealing with a phone with 3GB of RAM here.


The same source said that Sammy will change the design, obviously and will also remove the pesky Home button that they like to implement on devices so much. Not much else is known, but we can assume that the Galaxy S IV will be first in line to get the new amount of RAM and it will maybe be showcased at MWC 2013. With only a handful of phones getting 2 GB of RAM these days, are we really ready to move into 3GB territory? I mean, some of you, our readers own PCs with that amount of RAM… so it’s crazy to actually have a phone that’s as powerful as your computer.

On the other hand, you can never have too much RAM on Android… while Windows Phone doesn’t have that problem, since it has better memory management and so does iOS. Is Android the same pusher for more RAM on mobile that Windows was on desktops? Things changed with Windows 7, that didn’t need crazy specs to run, so maybe there will a future Android evolution that will make it happy with just 1 GB of RAM.

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