The first big blockbuster of the summer was without a doubt Avengers: Age of Ultron and the movie obviously has some associated merchandize. Meizu has been said to prepare an Avengers-branded device and now Samsung is also branding the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with the colors and logos of the heroes.

samsung avengers

It all appeared as speculation in March, when a designer envisioned the devices with the Avengers painted on them, but Samsung is making this a reality soon. Right now, you can get a kit of accessories for Samsung devices here and view some trademark wallpapers. However, a recent teaser points to something more, an Iron Man Avenger edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge, as shown above.

Samsung and Marvel previously worked on special cases for the Galaxy Note 4 and recently Samsung also debuted TouchWiz themes with images of the Avengers included. Judging by the box above, we’ll probably get a small action figure, some engraving on the handset and more memorabilia. It’s also expected that each Avenger will get his own version, including Thor, Hulk and probably Captain America and Black Widow.

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