Samsung has trademarked yet another series of phone names, after copyrighting another 5 or 6 brandings from the start of the year. This time the new names are Galaxy Metrix, Velvet and Legend. A while ago we were surprised to see Samsung using the Galaxy Next name a second time, since they already have a Next phone in their portofolio.


Also, the projector phone Beam, shown at MWC 2012 also has twin with a similar name, launched a while ago. Well, as long as the products were launched many years ago, there’s no problem, right? We have no idea what the Metrix, Velvet and Legend will stand for, but some speculate they will actually be US rebrandings for the Galaxy S III. As you may be aware, US carriers have the habit of rebranding the Galaxy S series models, so the Galaxy S and S II had about 3-4 different names depending on the carrier, or even more!

A device called Galaxy Legend would have to be pretty cool to get that name, so we’ll have to keep an eye on that one. Just look at the HTC Legend and how good that handset was, so good that even now it has a fanbase and its design served as inspiration for the HTC One V…

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