A couple of weeks after announcing that it’ll develop an in-house called Bada, Samsung launched the platform in London. The event took place yesterday and the features of the OS get showcased in the video below. Notice a couple of feats borrowed from iPhone OS and overall, the OS looks like nothing new, if you ask me.


Bada OS is all about touch devices, since it’s based around Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. The mockups shown at the event looked very much like the Pixon12 models and back to the new platform, it’s meant to “increase the market share of smartphones up to 50%” and it’ll allow developers to mess with all sorts of handset features and sensors.

Flash UI, motion sensing, proximity and face detection, plus all sorts of interactivity options will make it to the future apps. Social networking will also be approached, as well as location-based services, sync, content management and more, once the devs start using the SDK and creating apps for Bada.

The SDK is available right now and Samsung seems more keen on reaching developers at this point, rather than consumers. There’s even a “Bada Challenge” set up by the company, allowing devs to win part of the $2,700,000 prize by submitting apps for the new operating system. Expect further events to promote the OS internationally and app store for it as soon as software is developed.

[via GSM Arena]

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