We’ve heard that the firmware for Samsung Galaxy S III was leaked a week ahead of the release of the handset and now it appears that the ROM of the quad core Samsung phone gave us a very interesting function/app. I’m talking about the much coveted S Voice, that can now hit your Android 4.0 phone thanks to the leaked ROM.


Developers tinkered with the software and extracted this feature, so there’s an APK waiting for you right here. This Siri-style voice control app works on any Ice Cream Sandwich device and it runs without issues. It appears that S Voice was created with Siri as inspiration, making us wonder if we’re to expect further lawsuits between Samsung and Apple. There’s even a very similar microphone icon at the bottom, if you want similarities. The software allows you to enter calendar events, send texts, get answers to questions (powered by Wolfram Alpha), get weather forecasts and much more.

Voice recognition is solid, although it has trouble with the names you pronounce. Also, S Voice is not created for natural speech like Siri is, so you can’t say you’re in the mood for Chinese food, since that won’t work. It will only send you to Google results and the only quirk it has is telling you the meaning of life is 42. Anyway try it for now, but remember that the only genuine experience with it is on Samsung Galaxy S III.

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