Skyfire has just reached version 1.5 for the Windows Mobile platform, working on high resolution (VGA) screens like a charm, by displaying stunning graphics and crisp text. This WinMo version will be followed by a Symbian one with support for touchscreen and high res phones.


Skyfire Mobile Browser 1.5 – Windows Mobile from Skyfirelabs on Vimeo.

Skyfire uses Cloud Computing centers to boost the phones’ native capabilities and version 1.5 brings the best of this technology. High resolution browsing is supported, as well as easier page navigation, there’s a new finger-friendly UI included and a full-screen mode using every inch of the screen.

This free browser features sharpers text, smoother scrolling, a menu bar at the bottom with zoom in/out buttons and the option to bookmark a page. Skyfire 1.5 can go into full-screen mode, hiding the frame of interface controls and it has the great advantage of being able to play video within a page and handle large Flash apps.

[via skyfire]

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