In case you’re the owner of a Windows Mobile or Nokia N/E Series (3rd edition) phone and you live in the US, you can download Skyfire Beta right now. This is a mobile browser we’re talking about and in case you’re a WM 0.6 Beta user, you’ll probably want to upgrade (there’s an upgrade link the Skyfire start page).

Among the features of this beta version there’s a Super Bar, that allows you to access content quicker with the aid of a single bar that allows the user to search and enter a URL, plus it features auto-complete.

Also, you’ll be able to share web content with your friends via text messages that include web pages. Just send them the link towards something cool, via Twitter or any other service… it’s that easy.

The list of improvements and features is available here and keep in mind that Skyfire 0.6 Beta expires on November 17 so hurry up and get it from HERE or tell a friend HERE.