Quad core processors are the talk of the town, but that doesn’t mean that the dual core technology is dead. And who better to prove it than Qualcomm, with the new Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 CPU. AnandTech got its hands on a developer device with this chipset and took it for a spin.


The results blew away the competition, as shown in the images here. The S4 MSM8960 scored big in the Linpach multi-thread benchmark, with the closest rival being the Exynos on the Galaxy S II, that didn’t even score half of the new Qualcomm’s points. The second best was the last year’s Snapdragon S3.

The GLBenchmark scores weren’t that impressive, as they replied on the Adreno 225, that still got a considerable advantage. The 225 doesn’t offer a huge improvement over the Adreno 220, while the 300 series is expected to make a big leap. The main advantage of the MSM8960 is the fact that it’s manufactured using a 28 nm process, that makes the chip more compact and also provides a better battery life.

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