Sony is gearing up to launch a new generation of smartphone camera modules, based on APCS technology. After a while of relying on 8 MP Sony Exmor RS sensors and then 20.7 MP units, it’s time to drop the megapixels and increase the size of the sensors.


APCS stands for “active pixel color sampling” and has to do with the way the module senses colors like red blue and green, thanks to an electronic color filter. Each pixel sensor is able to detect these colors, which means users will get higher frame rates, better light sensitivity and better color range, as well as less battery usage. The leaked document above details the new sensor, a 4.8 MP unit with a 1.0 and 1.5 inch size.

It’s able to record 2K videos at 16000 FPS and 4K video at 240 FPS. The sensor is able to record the entire color spectrum with a single pixel, so the processor doesn’t need to interpret the individual color frame from the camera unit. You should also know that the new sensor is able to pick up the dynamic color HDR for every shot. How does this innovation sound to you?

via semcblog