The folks on XDA Developers have recently published on the main site some pictures of a Sony smartphone that’s supposed to run Windows Phone 7. This looks very much like the Xperia Arc S, but one that runs the Microsoft mobile OS. Odds are this is a fake handset, especially since it lacks the classic Windows Phone buttons.


Last I heard, Sony was working on a Windows Phone prototype back in 2010 and that device was called Julie. The lack of the “Back”, “Windows” and “Search” buttons is the strongest argument against the identity of this phone, but that collection of physical buttons at the bottom could well be a replacement for those. I guess that MS would want Sony to give them a different look, especially when compared to an Android phone that’s already famous. Also, there’s no evidence regarding a side camera button, which is also a requirement on Windows Phone devices.

It could still be there, but hidden in the case… however these shots are anything but clear, so I can’t quite tell right now… We want to see a Sony Windows Phone smartphone, but even at our most enthusiastic moment we can’t imagine it will look exactly like a pretty successful Android phone. I guess that Mobile World Congress 2012 will give us the answer… if Sony doesn’t showcase a WP unit there they won’t do it anywhere.

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