Yes, we know you’ve probably read a zillion articles on how Steve Jobs and co tried to handle the iPhone 4 antenna issue during Friday’s conference. But have you seen the following videos? When was the last time you heard Apple and Jobs saying they were wrong and made a mistake?


It’s noble from them to admit a mistake, but it’s wrong to fool customers with free cases and tear down competition by showing other phone brands’ antenna issues. The main thing to remember is that even at its weakest, Apple is still a tough cookie and they’re trying to do anything to avoid a recall.

In the meantime, you can get free bumper cases for your iPhone 4, till September 30, when the Apple specialists will supposedly come out with the magical fix… More Steve Jobs action can be seen below, as he talks about investors’ faith in Apple, antenna and design flaws, plus much more. Oh, also he picks on the press for exaggerating.

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