Steve Jobs announced just before Macworld 2009 that he’ll be back on the stage with his usual keynotes this Spring, but now he claims that his health condition is worse than he thought. Apple CEO’s medical leave might be longer than Jobs estimated and all of that because of a hormonal unbalance.


While Jobs is recovering, Tim Cook, Apple COO will be in charge and when this info got out, analysts and investors responded, with a worried tone. The news also had an impact on the company’s stock value, as Apple’s future seems uncertain without its main man. Couple that with the economical depression, the lack of a major launch at Macworld 2009 or CES 2009 and you’ve got a pretty bad picture.

The analysts said that the following period is practically a training session for Tim Cook, who is preparing to be the next CEO. We’ll learn who the real CEO is this summer, although right now, every analyst and investor out there claims that “Jobs is Apple”.

[via Reuters]