Canadian authorities have seized a bunch of iPhones that were actually stuns guns camouflaged. Such weapons are prohibited in Canada, in spite of them being available online, for everyone to purchase easily.



On June 18th, the police in Hinton, Alberta seized a “Conducted Energy Weapon” from someone who was trying to sell it online. One of the stun guns was seized after a bar fight in which a woman pulled out the “smartphone” and started zapping people. While many of you think that stun guns are not deadly and not even painful after watching a few comedies on HBO, they are actually killers if the person who gets the shock has heart problems.

What they also don’t tell you is that the shock can trigger seizures, the devices may malfunction and kill you  or that you’ll soil yourself after being stunned. Anyway, this goes to show how popular the iPhone is and kudos to the weapon industry for making stun guns so thin and small now. I used to think they were huge pistol-like devices.


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