T-Mobile have recently gone official with the Samsung Behold II handset, going for $449.99 or $20.50 per month outright, once it hits the stores on November 18th . There’s also the option of a $229.99 2 year contract, if you’re not afraid of commitments this early on.


Behold II seems to be a multimedia powerhouse, with WiFi and 3G support, a 3.2 inch AMOLED display, a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and zoom, plus the famous intuitive cube menu we’ve come to love. The handset also does YouTube, Amazon MP3 downloads and relies on widgets for a better user experience.

The mobile carrier’s officials recently claimed that Samsung Behold II will be a hit during the holiday season. You have to know that the handset runs Android and uses the TouchWiz interface, for better customization and access to services and apps. Samsung’s upcoming handset also features Bluetooth 2.1, visual voicemail, up to 16GB of external memory and a 2GB microSD memory card bundled with the device.

Add Google Maps, YouTube, Google Talk, WiFi and Exchange ActiveSync in the mix and we’ve got the perfect phone.

[via IntoMobile]

  • Here are my impressions about Samsung Behold II phone:
    Well equipped with multimedia facilities, use of AMOLED screen gives quite sharp and brighter colors. Use of android on this phone is arguably is the highlight.
    There are many positive features about this phone, but a few
    potential pitfalls for power users as well , Tech Wiz is not that great. The major concern is about the virtual keyboard using it in portrait made causes difficulties, so the only option left is using it in landscape mode.