T3 and Alloy have what it takes to delete HTC Touch HD, G1 and XPERIA X1 from our heads and replace them with the 01 Phone, a handset that’s as close to perfection as it gets. The concept design was created following the suggestions of the general public and stuffing inside all of the features that we usually appreciate on a modern smartphone.


The 01 Phone comes with a 5 megapixel camera, a mini phone at the back, which can be used as a standalone handset and even wrapped around the wrist of the user plus a customizable contextual keyboard that hides two wireless earphones underneath it. The keyboard is a sliding QWERTY one and it’s accompanied by a brand new multi-touch stylus that resembles a compass and will make the iPhone-style pinching easier.

In case you wondering what the hottest feature of this perfect device is, that’s got to be the contextual keyboard, which changes its lighting pattern and key display depending on the mode the phone is switched on. Go for gaming and bright green glow plus classic gaming controls, or enter the GPS mode for purple glowing commands specific to navigational purposes.

You’ll also be able to enter the audio mode (red glow) which allows you to access audio controls and a texting/SMS mode with a useful T9 keypad.

This won’t remain just another concept phone, as T3 plans to turn it into a real device, so keep your eyes peeled for more 01 Phone news, as it’s going to hit the shops some day. For more pictures and info on the handset visit T3’s website.

[via Concept Phones]

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