Texas Instruments has just announced its brand new WiLink 7.0 chipset today, just a couple of days ahead of the Mobile World Congress 2010 debut. This chip is very impressive, thanks to the many features it enables. This is the very first unit to receive FM radio and also transmit it, support WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0.


The 65nm piece of technology supports WiFi Direct, or it will when this becomes a standard, although it’s unlikely, since Bluetooth 3.0 does the same thing. TI announced that this chip is 50% smaller than the rivals’ products and that it costs 30% less thanks to its build.

The image above shows the WiLink 7.0 chip and you can find out more info about it here. Expect the first devices using it to go live before the year end.

[via intomobile]

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