We were just as shocked as everyone in the tech industry when Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple announced in April 2010 that they would no longer be utilising Adobe Flash for their mobile products. This move came as a shock to gamers around the world as Apple had been producing some very impressive products that had been the talk of the town. By refusing to support Flash, Jobs was effectively pulling the plug on mobile gaming in its then-current form and literally banishing Flash from all mobile casino and other mobile gaming options.

iPad casino games had been in huge demand but there was no denying that Adobe had been struggling to provide Apple with a stable and secure platform for gamers. They knew that players would get frustrated and their grip on the mobile market would begin to slide if the gaming compatibility situation did not improve. Apple made the decision to drop Adobe and run with HTML 5, a platform on which they felt would ensure iPad casino and other games would be more compatible and stable on. Their decision resulted in being 100% correct and the new releases of iPad casino and other mobile casino games can be enjoyed at sites like http://www.iPadcasino.com.au/ where you can see for yourself just how impressively HTML 5 works with Apple products.

Part of the problem of Apple having dumped Adobe was the incredibly public slating they came in for from Steve Jobs. Jobs wrote an open letter to Adobe on the Apple website and detailed accurately just how outdated the technology and practices of Adobe had become, including trashing their lack of stability, lack of support and the fact that they were actually not, as they had previously said, “open” they are in fact 100% proprietary . Jobs slammed Adobes attempts at making a Flash player that was stable and it was clear he was correct, as none of the iPad casino games at the time had rendered correctly, and in many cases trying to play any mobile casino games on an Apple product using Flash had resulted in the device crashing.

In the end, Adobe had to admit defeat, a rather tough pill to swallow for a corporation that has millions of supporters around the globe and should have all the best resources at their disposal. Adobe decided to drop the flash player for mobile casino and other mobile games and videos and focus their attention on developing their web based products. This in itself was a victory for Apple, and developers around the world have embraced the features and open factor of HTML 5.