The iPhone can do just about anything nowadays, thanks to the huge number of apps created for its platform. It even got to the point where it can save your life or monitor your health, so it’s turning into a pretty useful gadget after all. Here’s a list of 7 iPhone apps that can save lives, made by the folks of Mashable:

1. Airstrip OB


AirStrip OB is an iPhone app created for obstetrics doctors, or the ones monitoring pregnancy and taking care of child birth. It also has a supplement for nerve support which you can use at all times. The software provides info regarding the patient’s vitals and it comes with push notifications, so doctors can get alerts if something’s wrong.

2. CPR & Choking


CPR & Choking is useful to the average user, since this free app is a public service that includes video demos teaching people what to do if they witness a medical emergency or cardiac episode.

3. Close Call


Close Call is yet another free app that layers your iPhone wallpaper with emergency contact info, in case something bad happens.

4. Pocket First Aid & CPR Guide


This app is similar to CPR & Choking, also informing you about the actions needed to save one’s life. However, this software costs $3.99 and it’s much more extensive, including first aid videos and a Pocket First Aid feature, that allows you to create detailed medical profiles.

5. iBP Blood Pressure


High blood pressure is dangerous, we all know that, so the iBP Blood Pressure app comes in handy, recording a history of the user’s blood pressure. Available for only $0.99, this software is similar to the one recording data about people with Diabetes.

6. Emergency Radio

In case a natural disaster strikes, you’ll be needing an emergency radio, but we don’t all have such gadgets laying around. This is where the Emergency Radio app, going for $0.99 comes in handy. It supports the emergency frequencies of almost all the police and emergency departments in the US and air traffic control.

7. Pet First Aid


Pets also have medical emergencies, so they’re not to be neglected. This app is the “sister” of the Pocket First Aid software and it can save your best friend, since it comes with guides, first aid videos and vaccine tracking.

[via mashable]