If you want to get more info about your mobile carrier, handset and bill details, we have the codes you need to type in, on your iPhone’s virtual keypad. In order to use them, simply open the “phone app” on the handset and type in the codes listed below and press “call”.



*3001#12345#* – Makes the “Field Test” options on the iPhone available and allows the user to mess with advanced networks settings

*#06# – Displays the phone’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number

*#21# – Call forwarding setting on the iPhone are displayed

*#43# – Shows if call waiting for various parts of the phone are enabled or disabled

*#30# – Shows if the call presentation (see who is calling) is enabled or not

*#33# – Call barring settings for the iPhone are displayed

*646# – Displays available AT&T minutes

*777# – Displays available AT&T pre-paid plan minutes

*3282# – Shows wireless data usage statistics

*225# – Check the balance bill on your AT&T account

*729 – Calls AT&T in order to pay the bill

Got any more codes? Post them here, for everyone to know!

[via makeuseof]

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