We saw four of Moto’s 2009 Verizon handsets a couple of days ago, courtesy of BGR and now they managed to score three more devices and added them to the list. The three new Motorola revelations are Niagra, Fairbanks and Harmony and it seems that next year will be quite prolific for the American manufacturer.


Motorola Niagra, pictured above looks like a RIZR update, sporting the sharp angles of the Flash model we’ve seen two days ago. The slider reveals a RAZR-style keypad and moving on to Fairbanks, this device is all about Push to Talk features and a rugged clamshell design.

Next in line is Moto Harmony, yet another clamshell device that sports music keys beneath the outer LCD, just like Fairbanks, only that they’re touch sensitive. That’s all we know for now, regarding Motorola’s next year lineup, but I’m sure we’ll see at least two more handsets, an Android device and a brand new RAZR. Also, let’s not forget Atila…


[via Boy Genius Report]

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