As if there weren’t enough operating systems out there, now there’s Tizen OS to look forward to, with a showcasing scheduled for MWC 2012. Also, we have a hint on the device that will be the first to run this platform, Samsung I9500, but don’t rush to conclusions once you see the screenshots below, as the system is in alpha stage.


The person who had some quality time with the OS said that he also had his hands on the Tizen SDK, that will be released in the first quarter. Samsung is one of the driving forces behind Tizen and they will be attending MWC and most likely showcasing the first Tizen phone there. The UI of Tizen looks clean and simple, reminding me of a combo between Bada OS and Android, if you want. Intel is also a partner in the Tizen project and many see this platform as some sort of follow-up to MeeGo, which Intel abandoned some time ago.

As far as the phone below is concerned, the design is pretty classic for Samsung with rectangular shape, proeminent physical buttons and an interesting Home button at the bottom. Let’s see if this OS will catch on or suffer the death of webOS…

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