Krusell is a famous Swedish manufacturer of carrying cases for portable devices and we’ve used their statistics concerning handset case sales more than once. The thing is that they cover a huge market, with sales of accessories on six continents and in over 50 countries worldwide. Their top 10 also reflects the sales of handsets globally.


This time we take a look at June 2010, discovering that the iPhone 4 is on first place, followed by Nokia 3720 Classic and HTC Desire. Apple iPhone 3G comes in fourth, followed by Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 and Samsung S8500. Next up, we come across Nokia E52, Samsung B2100, Nokia 6700 classic and Nokia 2730 classic.

Apple went straight to the top fresh after releasing the new iPhone, while HTC took a blow only having a model in this top 10, compared to three in May. Nokia still stands, with 4 units in top 10 and it might get more, as it prepares the first MeeGo smartphones.

[via cellular news]

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