Toshiba debuted this week a brand new display, that sounds very interesting. It may just make gaming more hardcore on the PC, since it’s a 15 inch Ultra HD screen, that will be showcased live at CES 2015 next week.



This model comes with 2D/3D switching and it doesn’t even require a special pair of glasses to enjoy the 3D content. There’s a system of low crosstalk high definition liquid crystal GRIN lens (Gradient index lens) included here, that offers no degradation of image brightness in 3D mode and also no image deterioration in 2D mode. Users of this 3D 4K panel will switch from 3D to 2D and viceversa very easily.

I’m very curious about the price for this display, that would probably beat $500 or even more, but not get into TV territory like $1000, I guess. Now imagine connecting your 4K capture capable smartphone or tablet to this screen and enjoying the content recording at a concert. That’s more like it, right?

via Tablet News

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