HTC has set up a new trade program that allows you to send in your old handset and get back up to $300. The thing here is that you have to buy a new HTC model first and then send in the trade phone to get part of the cash back. The process is fairly simple and if you access this link everything will be clear.

Once the purchase of your new HTC phone is done, you need to mail back the older device and HTC will send you a check worth $300 at most. HTC also posted a quote calculator on the site, allowing you to enter your name and the trade in phone maker, the name of the model and after answering some simple questions you will get a price for your handset. The iPhone 4S for example brings a $215 check from the Taiwanese company. Considering HTC just introduced two new Windows Phone 8 models, it could be time for a change of phone, don’t you think?

Or you could get the HTC One X for cheaper than usual, provided that you don’t have a really poor phone, that only gets you $10. So, who’s ready for a trade in? Did you ever take part in such a process? How did it go?

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