UK mobile operator 3 has just announced that it plans on launching a special SIM card, that will allow its users to make free Skype calls, covering any Skype to Skype communication, not only those made between 3 customers.


Skype was already working with 3, through the Skypephone, but the two companies are now even more close, through this new option. Starting from May, pay as you go customers using the 3 network will have access to Skype services, even if they’re low on credit or they’ve reached the zero limit. Afterwards, 3 will launch the new SIM cards, allowing free calls to be placed and IM to be sent to other Skype users, for 2 pounds only.

Is this a move meant to acknowledge that VoIP is slowly taking over or just a quick way for carriers to make cash, before the Internet telephony takes off and leaves the conventional one behind?

[via gomonews]

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