It seems rumors were right about Microsoft releasing the first major Windows Phone 7 software update towards the end of March 2011. It has started the rollout a couple of hours ago and the NoDo update is coming to some phone models, especially unbranded ones. You should start looking for an update notification right about now and also check out the list of features that we’ll show you below.


Carriers haven’t yet released NoDo, at least AT&T and T-Mobile haven’t, but this may take a few days. Last we heard, Microsoft sold over 3 million WP7 units, so it may take a while for the full rollout. Microsoft already has an official support page with the full changelog of NoDo, so it’s as official as it gets.

Here’s what NoDo brings:

  • Copy & paste – tap a word and drag the arrows that appears to copy and then paste it to your handset. This function is available for emails, texts, web pages, Office documents and more.
  • Faster apps and games – at times we were bothered by how long it took a game or app to load in WP7. Well, this has been fixed through this update.
  • Improved Marketplace search – the Marketplace search has been streamlined, so now you can find your favorite software much easier. Music search is also improved
  • Other Marketplace enhancements – the application store is more stable and the experience of download large apps has been improved (especially for software over 20MB). Upgrading from trial apps to paid apps is also easier, as is using a credit card with an address that’s not in the States.
  • WiFi has been improved – the phone’s Media Access Control (MAC) address is shown in the Settings section, which is great if you plan on using it to connect to a Wi-Fi network that uses MAC address filtering. There’s also no limit of Wi-Fi profiles the user can store.
  • Outlook enhancement – iPhone photo attachment viewing experience has been improved, as has using the Global Address List when connecting to Exchange Server 2003.
  • Camera improvement – stability of switching between video and camera modes is improved

You can see more info on the changelog right here, if you’re curios.

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