If Opera, Skyfire and Safari are not your thing, know that there’s a new impressive browser in town, Uzard and although its branding is not that appealing, it sure is an interesting piece of software. You can check it out in action in the video below and see it detailed after the break:

Uzard uses the same technology as Skyfire and Opera Mini, so content will be pre-processed in some way, meaning that browsing is fast and wide desktop-like pages are displayed. Another interesting feat of the browser is the fact that all language fonts are supported, well, at least those supported by Windows Server.

Heavy or complicated pages will be easily displayed, plus components like ActiveX, AJAX, scripts and more are supported and the data amount download in order to display the web page initially is smaller. Uzard is used by about 2 million people in Korea, but it hasn’t left the country yet.

[via wmpoweruser]