Wozzer999 from Modaco, the ideal place for Sasmung Omnia software has just cooked the first Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM for the CDMA version of Samsung Omnia, working on Verizon. The GSM version has already been available for quite available and CDMA finally gets some love.


If you’re going to flash the ROM of your Samsung Omnia handset (on Verizon), you should run UDML_Omnia, click PDA and find the extracted file from the .RAR file you downloaded previously. Afterwards, you should hit “Detect”, restart the handset and once the phone has finished booting, wait a minute and soft-reset the device.

You’ll need 3 ROMs for this release: A Lite, available here, M2D, available here and Stock, downloadable from here. More instructions on Modaco.

[via wmpoweruser]