If you want to spend 5000, up to 6500 Euros on a handset, there’s a new Vertu phone in town and surprisingly enough this is a flip phone we’re talking about, Vertu Constellation Ayxta. This is a high quality product, for the ones with high standards of living.


Also, as usual with Vertu phones, there’s a special button that triggers the Concierge service, allowing the user to talk to a service agent at any hour and ask him any questions, from trivia to the latest plane ticket prices. Ayxta also comes with Vertu Select, an online service that provides “lifestyle information”, like details regarding the cool and trendy bars in your area.


City Brief is yet another service available on the phone, informing you about the town you’ve just arrived in, the people’s habits and more. Specs-wise, you get a microSD card slot (8GB cards max), 3G connectivity, sync with PC and Macs via microUSB, a 3 megapixel camera with twin LED flash and a stainless steel frame.

Ceramic, leather, aluminium and a sapphire crystal screen complete the hot design of the new Vertu.

[via t3]

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