Boy Genius Report recently managed to get their hands on a fresh new Vertu Signature S device, one of the few luxury handsets that actually packs decent features. First of all, we must mention that this is a 3G device (850 MHz and 2100 MHz WCDMA only), that supports WiFi and uses and OLED display, so things are looking up, when compared to previous Vertu models.


Because Vertu is a segment of Nokia, most of the company’s handsets run a customized OS, a version of Symbian Series 40 and Signature S is no exception. For $12.500, the new model can be yours, unless you want to spend it on a bunch of BlackBerry devices, iPhones or… a car.

Well, some of you might appreciate that Concierge feature, that allows you to call a service that’s available 24/7 and ready to find plane/concert/match tickets for you, a hotel and whatnot. More hands on pictures below, for you to drool on or despise:



[via Boy Genius Report]