The time hasn’t beem kind with Research in Motion, since once they were the cream of the smartphone market, but now… not so much. The iPhone and Android devices have been sharing the market between them, while Blackberries continue losing market.

And now rumors appeared regarding a possible buyout of RIM coming from Vodafone. This news was so powerful that the shares of the Canadian giant increassed 11% this morning. Last we heard, RIM was planning to reshape the management system and hired investment bankers to raise optins for the company.

Investors aren’t satisfied with the way RIM is evolving and the PlayBook is certainly not the way things will change for the better. BB OS 7 also isn’t much of a novelty, while QNX is a good platform, but it’s not mature yet. There were also rumors about Microsoft wanting to buy RIM and honestly they seem more plausible than the Vodafone purchase.

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