The closer we get to the actual release date the more things are starting to heat up and we get images, specs and now videos showing the so longed Samsung flagship device. Thus is the case right now, with only a few hours to go before the launch event for what may be the best smartphone of the year.



It may be the case that a great deal of people are looking forward to Samsung making its move before deciding what smartphone to purchase for this year. And it may also be the case that the Korean manufacturer announces a smartphone above expectations, that will be number 1 in sales for this year also, as the flagship device before it.

No matter the case, we now get a chance to observe the device in action, courtesy of some videos that surfaced on the internet. These show some of the things the new smartphone can do, including Samsung’s Air View S Pen functionality, that seems to be built-in with this new smartphone. There is also a video showing the new lockscreen while another reveals the browser performance.


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