The guys of androiandme have a nifty list of arguments why one would prefer the Samsung Galaxy S II to any other new smartphone out there. HTC Sensation is quoted as the primary alternative to this dual core 1.2GHz handset made by Samsung.


For one, the design of the Galaxy S successor is beautiful and we are dealing with one of the thinnest smartphones in the world, after all. Dual core speed and graphics are mentioned as well, plus the Super AMOLED Plus display that’s so appealing, thanks to its brightness and vivid colors. Browsing is considered snappy and the 8MP camera with full 1080p video capture is also quoted.

The unlocked bootloader is another extra feature that may interest many of you, especially now that we’ve heard the HTC Sensation won’t be so unlocked as we had hoped. All I can say is that the battle between Sensation and Galaxy S II will be tight, but why is everyone forgetting Sony Ericsson and LG so fast? Maybe they’ll also offer a worthy opponent soon!

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